Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Rescue Me

I decided not to do this cause I'd look like the crazy cat lady, only I have a dog. Then I thought, eff it. Y'all knew I was going to write a sappy post about my puppy. He's turning three and he's just perfect. A little too spoiled and a little too needy, but other than that perfect. They say dogs are a reflection of their owners. :)

That's not entirely true. Just like a real kid, a lot if it is genetics, a pre-disposed temperament that we're born with. I've been really lucky with Max. Just like most of the best relationships you end up having, I never would have picked him as my dog. He's too big, too expensive. He literally eats all my shoe money.

He doesn't know he's so big though, that's one of his endearing qualities. I've actually had interventions at work to talk to me about my "abusive boyfriend" cause I bruise easily. I just laugh and say no, I have a 90 lb puppy who thinks he's a lapdog. We like to dance in the living room and he doesn't get it that he bruises me.

Fun story, after Cat died I was going to the Humane Society on the weekends looking for a rescue puppy. A friend of mine called me up and asked if I could watch his 4 month old puppy for the weekend. I'm a sucker so of course I said yes. They never came back for him. (Everyone in the neighbourhood already knows this story so feel free to stop reading at anytime if you live within 6 blocks of me.)

What people don't realize is puppies are so much work! When I finally figured out that they were never coming back, I had to make a choice. Keep him? I didn't ask for this dog. I didn't have money saved up to get all his shots, get him fixed, pay for two eye surgeries in the first year. Then he got hit by a car. He's about as lucky as I am. And I'm a country girl, our dogs lived outside. I didn't know how to train a dog to obey or walk next to me on the street.

Fortunately, we've had help. I had a roomate at the time who has kids and basically used his scary voice to train Max to be good. My family loves him and helps out when they can. JJ always takes care of us when we need it. I have a friend who will take him for days at a time anytime I need a break. They say it takes a village to raise a kid. I'm grateful for my village. :)

At the end of the day, this random dog that showed up on New Years a couple of years ago is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. He gets me out of the house, he's made me new friends. He's much more popular that I am. As I write this, I'm single, been in and out of some jobs lately, I almost died in September. When I was in the hospital and it was getting pretty bad, JJ went and got Max and brought him over to see me. I'd almost given up, but then I had enough to fight for. So who rescued who? If I had to bet, my money is on Max, not me.

Sullivan out.

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